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Join our platform today and start monetizing your code and integrations. Let your work generate continuous revenue while we take care of the rest.

Using the CX Fabric platform developers can sell their pre-built integrations or "connectors" as we call them, you can also sell your development services through our platform.

We handle all the red tape and can even provide customer support for your connectors.

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Some great reasons to join

Our platform is the perfect place for you to monetize your work and expand your reach.

Monetize Your Integrations

Sell your connectors, integrations, and consulting services through our platform. We handle all the heavy lifting, including managing subscriptions, collecting payments, and providing support.

Set Your Own Prices

You have full control over the pricing for your connectors and service. Set your own subscription prices and let contact centers subscribe to through our marketplace.

Get Paid Promptly

We streamline the payment process. When customers subscribe to your connectors, we handle the transactions and pay you, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Secure and Reliable Platform

Our platform ensures your integrations run securely and efficiently. Customers can easily subscribe and integrate your connectors into their workflows, all while you enjoy peace of mind.

Support Services Available

If customers require support services for your connectors, we’ve got it covered. Our platform provides comprehensive support, so you can focus on developing more great integrations.

Don’t Let Your Work Go to Waste

Don’t let your previous integrations sit and collect dust. Put them to work for you by selling them on our platform. Maximize the value of your efforts and reach a wider audience.

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Answers to some common questions, if you can't find what you are looking for then please reach out.

Is the developer account free

Yes, you never pay for your developer account.

What features does a developer account have

Developer accounts have all the features of the regular Business Plan, you are only limited in the number of active flows and executions.

Developer accounts can have up to 5 active flows and up to 500 flow executions per month. Active flows are mainly for your testing purposes, so you can trigger on events etc.. Should you need more executions as part of your development effort, let us know and we can adjust it.

Do I still own the rights to my code

Yes, your code belongs to you.

How do I get paid

When customers subscribe to your connectors or services, they will pay us and we will pay you monthly.  

We are a software company, can we join

Yes! Expand the customer reach and platform support. Just like individual developers you set the price for connectors and services yourself, all code belongs to you. No heavy handed partner contracts i.e. Non-Compete, Solicit and other exclusivity terms. We feel our platform itself is enough incentive to sell your integrations through it.

Still have questions?

Please reach out, we would love to hear from you.

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