Transforming Customer Experience Integrations

With years of experience integrating Customer Experience platforms to CRM, Automation and other External systems we are on a mission to remove barriers and complexity by creating a cloud native integration platform.

CX Fabric IPaaS Platform

Run the integrations on CX Fabric while you maintain ownership and control. Our platform is a cutting-edge, cloud-native Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS, designed to seamlessly facilitate integrations between Contact Center Platforms and an extensive range of systems including Ai, CRM, Automation tools, and more. It features an intuitive visual designer (Editor), enabling users to effortlessly create and implement integrations with minimal or no coding. This can be achieved through the use of our pre-built connectors or by custom-building your own solutions to meet your specific integration needs.

No-Code, Low-Code or Develop your own

With little or no coding experience, get your contact center integrations to third-party applications done without the usual barriers.

Cloud Native, Secure, Scaleable and High Availability

Manage and run all your integrations from a central IPaaS platform, ensuring proper security, access, and performance.

Library of Pre-Built Connectors for Quick Deployment

Utilize our pre-built connectors and templates specifically designed for contact center integrations.

Visual Flow Editor

Editor with Pre-Built & Custom Connectors

The Visual Flow Editor in CX Fabric greatly improves contact center integrations by transcending the limitations of conventional flow editors. Unlike basic tools embedded in existing products, it offers advanced features like an extensive library of pre-built connectors, custom connector creation, and deployment on a secure, scalable, cloud-native platform. Its vendor-agnostic nature ensures your integrations remain intact, even if you switch contact center providers, offering unparalleled flexibility and control over your integration landscape.

Custom Integrations? We can help

Systems Integration Sevices

In today's customer experience environments, it's unlikely that a single platform will meet all your needs. You are probably using different vendors for your contact center platform, quality assurance tools, support portal, AI technology, and automation solutions. The challenge lies in determining where to store and run these integrations, how to maintain them, and how to ensure that you don’t end up with 'black box' solutions that lack transparency.

Seeking Beta Customers!

We are currently seeking Contact Centers looking for integration opportunities. The CX Fabric team will handpick candidates according to their vendor platform specifications and needs, offering complimentary consulting, review, and integration services, all to be implemented on the CX Fabric platform

Get Started! Sign up and Get Going

Getting started with us is pretty straight forward, we can do everything from the most basic to highly complex integrations. The benefits to running the integration on or platform is that you have a secure, scalable and vendor agnostic environment.


Contact us

Start by reaching out to us, our team will get you setup with your tenant/account. Why have an account you may ask? well this is where you will manage your integrations in a secure and scalable way that is not dependent on any single one platform in your customer experience fabric.


Tell us about your integration needs

Next setup a call with or team members to review your integration needs.



This is a critical part to ensure the integration is done exactly right. We will create a design document that outline the whole integration.



Finally we will build the integration using our visual flow designer, it greatly simplifies complex integration tasks, allowing us and you to easily create, test, and deploy your workflows with efficiency and precision. Whether you're a seasoned developer or new to integration, you'll find our platform incredibly accessible, speeding up your project timeline and enabling you to focus on innovation and improvement.

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Answers to some common questions, if you can't find what you are looking for then please reach out.

What is CX Fabric

Our platform is a cutting-edge, cloud-native iPaaS solution, designed to seamlessly facilitate integrations between Contact Center Platforms and an extensive range of systems including CRM, Automation tools, and more. It features an intuitive visual designer (Editor), enabling users to effortlessly create and implement integrations with minimal or no coding. This can be achieved through the use of our pre-built connectors or by custom-building your own solutions to meet your specific integration needs.

What are the benefits of using CX Fabric

There are several benefits to using CX Fabric but some of the biggest are:

Vendor-Agnostic Integration Platform: Ensures seamless connectivity across all your tools and systems, regardless of the vendor, enabling a truly integrated ecosystem.

Visual Workflow Designer: Simplifies the creation and management of complex workflows through a user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface, making it accessible for users of all technical levels.

Pre-built Connectors: Offers a wide range of ready-to-use connectors, speeding up integration processes and reducing the time to value for your projects.

Custom Connectors: Provides the flexibility to create tailored connectors, ensuring that even the most unique or niche applications can be seamlessly integrated into your workflows.

Comprehensive API and Integration Management: Facilitates the centralized administration of APIs and integrations, enhancing control, security, and efficiency across your digital ecosystem.

Scalability and Flexibility: Designed to grow with your business, our platform can easily scale to meet increasing demands without sacrificing performance or reliability.

Enhanced Collaboration: Promotes teamwork by allowing multiple users to work on integrations simultaneously, improving efficiency and reducing development time.

Real-time Analytics and Monitoring: Delivers insights into your integrations' performance, helping you make data-driven decisions and quickly address any issues.

Security and Compliance: Ensures that your data remains secure and compliant with industry standards, providing peace of mind and protecting your valuable information.

Is there a free option

We have 30 day trial to get you started and if you are a developer you always have the free plan.

Is my data secure

Ensuring the security and privacy of customer data is paramount for any platform. CX Fabric adopts a comprehensive approach to data security, employing multiple layers of protection, including encryption and isolated data storage options for enterprise customers. Here's how customer data is secured and managed:

Data Encryption

In-Transit Encryption: All data transmitted to and from CX Fabric is encrypted using industry-standard protocols such as TLS (Transport Layer Security). This ensures that data remains secure and private as it travels over the internet.

At-Rest Encryption: Data stored within CX Fabric, including databases, backups, and logs, is encrypted using strong encryption standards. This protects against unauthorized access and ensures data confidentiality even in the event of physical security breaches.

Access Control

Authentication and Authorization: CX Fabric implements strict authentication mechanisms, including multi-factor authentication (MFA) for added security. Access control policies ensure that users can only access data and functionalities relevant to their role within the organization.

Audit Logs: Comprehensive audit logs are maintained, recording all access and actions taken on the system. This aids in monitoring and forensic analysis, ensuring accountability and traceability.

Security Best Practices

Regular Security Assessments: CX Fabric undergoes regular security assessments, including penetration testing and vulnerability scanning, to identify and mitigate potential security risks.

Compliance with Standards: The platform adheres to industry-standard security frameworks and compliance certifications, ensuring that data handling and security measures meet rigorous requirements.

Standalone Databases for Enterprise Customers

Isolated Data Storage: Enterprise customers have the option to utilize standalone databases, providing an added layer of data isolation and security. This means that their data is stored separately from other customers, reducing the risk of cross-contamination and offering enhanced performance and customization options.

Custom Security Controls: With standalone databases, enterprise customers can implement additional security controls, tailored to their specific compliance and security requirements. This flexibility ensures that even the most stringent data protection needs are met.

Continuous Monitoring and Incident Response

Proactive Monitoring: CX Fabric employs continuous monitoring of its infrastructure to detect and respond to security threats in real time.

Incident Response Plan: A robust incident response plan is in place, ensuring rapid and effective action in the event of a security breach. This includes communication protocols to keep customers informed and measures to mitigate and resolve any incidents.By employing these comprehensive security measures, CX Fabric ensures that customer data is not only secure and encrypted but also managed in accordance with the highest standards of privacy and data protection. This commitment to security enables customers to trust CX Fabric with their most sensitive data and integration needs.

Still have questions?

Please reach out, we would love to hear from you.

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