CX Fabric Beta Program

Join our Beta Program and see if you qualify for a free-of-charge integration!

Benefits in joining our beta program

Joining our beta program offers your Contact Center an exceptional opportunity to leverage state-of-the-art integration without any upfront development and integration cost. Our team of experienced integration engineers and developers will do discovery to ensure there is a good fit before doing design, development and integrations.


Cost Efficiency

By participating in our beta program, you gain access to advanced integration services at no cost*.  The integration will run in our iPaaS but entirely managed by you. This allows Contact Center group managers to get their wishlist implemented.


Early Access to Innovations

Beta program participants get the first look at cutting-edge features and integrations before they are released to the wider market. This early access can give your contact center a competitive edge by utilizing the latest technologies to improve customer interaction and operational efficiency.


Influence Future Developments

Your feedback is invaluable. By being part of the beta program, you have a direct channel to share your insights and experiences with the development team. This feedback can influence the final product, ensuring that it meets the specific needs and challenges of contact centers like yours.


Seamless Integration Process

We understand that integrating new technology into existing systems can be daunting. As part of our beta program, we ensure a smooth and hassle-free integration process, managed by our team of experts, to ensure that you can quickly benefit from the new features without significant downtime or complications.

Is this you?

“Our small team faces monumental challenges in implementing essential integrations with third-party systems. Despite knowing these integrations could significantly enhance our team's performance, the daunting task of securing priority within our IT department, coupled with the complexities of engaging our vendors and partners, make these projects feel like insurmountable undertakings. Each initiative requires extensive scoping and inevitably, executive approvals, creating bottlenecks that hinder our progress.”

John Doe
Team Manager Inbound/Outbound Sales ACME, INC

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